Cytoscape Bug Bounty Program

The Cytoscape team is committed to producing Cytoscape code with as few bugs as possible – when we have bugs, we want to get them understood, prioritized and (hopefully) fixed as soon as possible.
The v3.0 release gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to our early adopters by offering a bounty for Cytoscape bugs.

How the Program Works

The bounty depends on how we classify the bug:

Program crash and/or data loss10 points
User interface not working as intended5 points
Cosmetic user interface error1 points

The bug must be

  • Original and previously unreported – see existing bug list
  • Reported by Feb 28, 2013
  • Reported using Cytoscape’s Report a Bug feature (off the Help menu)
  • Clearly and concisely reported to allow reproducing the bug
  • In the Cytoscape core, not an app

Bounty points

  • Top bug hunters will be assessed by cumulative points and qualitative style bonuses
  • Prizes will include (but not be limited to):
    • Amazon gift cards - for top 10 bug hunters, starting at a $50 value
    • Cytoscape swag
    • Fame and glory among your peers

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