Mailing Lists


A low-volume mailing list used to announce new developments in Cytoscape. If you want to announce your new plugin, please post your message here.


Open forum for discussing Cytoscape, asking questions, suggesting new features, and developing plugins.

Help Desk

Open forum for getting Cytoscape help. Geared towards new users. If you have general Cytoscape usage questions, please post them here.

Official Accounts by Cytoscape Consortium

Share papers, figures, video, or other media files created by Cytoscape!


General announcements, news about Cytoscape. Use #cytoscape hash tag.


Reblog and share Cytoscape publications. This account will be used for sharing latest papers using Cytoscape.

Speaker Deck

Presentation slides related to Cytoscape.


Movie files related to Cytoscape. Tutorials, workshops, symposium, etc.


Cytoscape related images. Screenshots and posters.